Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sisters, Found Layout and some fun tips....

Hello and hope you are having a lovely Sunday....  I have a new layout to post today... this is for the weekly Color... Stories... Inspiration Challenge #42.  The topic I chose this week has to do with family.  I grew up without my Dad, and found out when I was a teenager that I had a whole family I had never met.  I took a picture of my two sisters I didn't grow up with, and my journaling is about them.
Here is the case file for this challenge:
And here is the layout I created:

Two of my beautiful sisters, Elizabeth and Shannon....

I didn't have exactly the right color rhinestone flourish, so I have a little tip for you....
I took a red permanent marker, and COLORED the rhinestones with it....
it takes a couple of coats, but you can't even tell they weren't red before... cool huh?

Here's another tip.... I used spray color mist on one of the doilies, and also on some
of the flowers to get just the right color I wanted.... I also used spray mist on the lace
that is on the layout... this works GREAT with embroidered laces, like Venice lace...

The "Sisters" title was cut with the Cricut Songbird Cartridge....
the "FOUND" is a little wooden plaque I found at Michael's and covered
with paper and inked... then I fussy cut a motif from another sheet of
patterned paper and glued it on.

I also did some in depth journaling... it reads:
                     "I grew up with my Mom, my Grandparents, and a brother and sister. I never        remembered my  Dad, who I had last seen when I was a toddler. I wasn't until I was a teenager that I found out that my Dad had remarried, and I had two more half-sisters. What a surprise!
My Dad and and his family came into my life again during a very dark time of my life... I had lost both of my grandparents, who had been largely responsible for raising me and my siblings, and my husband was going through a crises in his life. I reflect back now and thank God that my "other" family showed up in my life at this time. I may have lost my beloved Nana and Pop, but I gained a Dad, another Mom, and my two sisters, Elizabeth and Shannon, their husbands, and a new niece and nephew.
I have spent the years since then getting to know my new family... I may not have grown up with them, but my sisters and I are so much alike, it is kind of scary. We all have a similar sense of humor, are dedicated to our families, worry in the same way, and even look and sound alike. Genes do tell the story, after all! All four of my siblings are amazing people!
I may not have grown up with Shannon and Elizabeth, so we don't have all those childhood memories together, but we are working on getting to know each other and building our relationships in adulthood. I feel so fortunate to have such a big, loving family, and I look forward to growing old with all my siblings and their families!"
You hear the term "fussy cutting" a lot in scrapbooking lately... basically, it means
detailed cutting of a motif that is on patterned paper.  It can give you
embellishments if you don't have many for the project you are working on,
and it can give your page another layer of texture.  On this page, I combined
fussy cuts with flowers and flourishes to get the look I wanted.
Have a great week, and see you soon!

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