Monday, March 18, 2013

When I Was Two.... (Layout)


     So the weather is starting to turn really nice here in Northern California, and I have been busy with trying to "spring clean" my scraproom.... quite a daunting task, considering how much STUFF I have!  But I am really trying to streamline my scrapping style, and get rid of the papers, embellies and tools that are just taking up space.  Maybe I'll finish by this time next year!
     After taking some time away from Color, Stories, Inspiration to work on the Swirlydoos Ultimate Designer Challenge, I am back at CSI, working on their challenges.  And I am happy to say, I was chosen Star Witness for the week of March 10th!
     So here is the case file criteria I was working with:

     Although I usually like brighter colors, this palette really spoke to me.  I immediately got an idea based on a picture of me when I was two years old.

I sort of did a reverse "spin" on the dream/aspiration prompt in the testimony requirement...
instead of documenting future dreams and aspirations, I sort of went backwards and documented the dreams and trials I never even knew I had.  The journaling reads:
When I Was Two
...I never knew love existed anywhere but in my family's arms.
...I never though about the drama of my first love.
...I never knew where my future talents would lie.
...I never knew about all the trials of life.
...I never knew I would meet and marry a wonderful man.
...I never knew I would feel so alone sometimes.
...I never knew I would suffer medically and psychologically.
...I never knew I would know tragedy as well as triumph, and the meaning of "one step forward and two steps back."
....I never knew I would have a child with special needs.
... I never knew my special child could cause so much angst, fear, frustration, sadness and yet be so loving, happy, joyful, sweet and beautiful all at the same time.
... I never knew I would have a second family come into my life when I needed them the most.
... I never knew I would have such loyal, loving friends as I have now.
...I never knew I would feel so loved.
... How could I have known all of this and more... When I was only two.
I printed my journaling directly onto the printed paper, and the title is rub on letters,
fulfilling one of the "evidence" requirements.

I did a lot of cutting and layering, and used gold liquid pearls for the flower centers.

I cut out lots of butterflies from my printed paper, and layered them all over the page.
Butterflies were another "evidence" item.

I die cut a flourish (Sizzix) and used gold liquid pearls to give it some dimension. 
I love lots of layers, don't you?

This little cluster detail is along the left side of the page.  Sometimes you just need a little
touch somewhere else on the page to tie everything together.
I hope you have enjoyed this layout!
CSI has put out a design team call, and I will be entering to try a grab a spot.
Wish me luck!

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