Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Fate of my Swirlydoos Journey.... (Shabby Altered Jewelry Box, Just Because Mixed Media Canvas, Art Journal)


So I am very far behind in posting my Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Competition entries.... I swore when I started this blog I wouldn't fall behind, and here I am.... behind!  But no worries, I am about to catch up....

I left off with my Week #2 entry....  the Swirlydoos UDC is a contest sposored by Swirlydoos Kit Club to find their ultimate designer... lots of prizes and a possible spot on their design team.  The challenge is set up as a six week contest with a different challenge criteria each week.  So far, I had made it through week #2....

Week #3's challenge was a fun one... make a project using metal tape or metal sheets... metal tape can be found in your local hardware store and is inexpensive.  It looks like duck tape on a roll, and has a peel off adhesive backing.  I had never used it before, and after watching the tutorial design team at Swirlydoos provided (on, by the talented Miranda Edney) I thought this challenge would be lots of was, but I sure struggled with it!  I decided to do an altered project....

I used a plain wooden jewel box with drawers from Michael's and painted the whole
box white.  Then I decoupaged my various printed papers onto the outside of it.  Then I took the knows off of the drawers and cut my metal tape to size.  Run the pieces through your embossing machine, color with some Tim Holtz alcohol ink, rub with some with gesso, and "voila", such a cute box!  I made the flower arrangement on top by making some embossed metal tape flowers mixed in with regular paper flowers.  I threw in a little metal butterfly, a cute frame, a small Tim Holtz bottle, attached some pearl flourishes to the front and sides, and my project was done... and it was good enough to get me to week #4 in the challenge!
Week #4 was particularly fun for me... I really enjoy being a "dirty girl"... that is, being up to my elbows in ink, paint, paste and any other sort of art medium you can think of.  The topic was to do a mixed media canvas in which we were to create a background, and use modeling paste, gel beads and/or other art mediums (Swirlydoos Imagination Lab, Part 1) (Swirlydoos Imagination Lab, Part 2).  I went crazy with this one.... it was definitely my favorite challenge of all!


This canvas was one of my favorite picture I ever took of my beautiful son, Miles.  I printed
a lovely quote called "Just Because..." directly on the picture, which is printed on canvas, and I included another quote in the bottom right that reads, "Disability is the inability to see ability..."
I just love that!  And so, my journey with the Swirlydoos UDC continued to Week #5....
The Week #5 challenge was something new for.... Art Journaling.  I have seen many examples
art journals, and I was excited to try one myself.  I looked at many more examples, and even looked up the definition, to make sure I knew exactly what was expected of me...

"a notebook kept by an artist as a personal record of images
and sometimes words; also called artist's journal"
I thought this was right up my alley..  I watched to tutorial video (this time a very short video
at the Swirlydoos site) and eagerly jumped into my task...
I was really happy with my pages, and I included every thing that was on the list to create... paper layering using only scraps from other projects, clustering, creating a background,  a spot for journaling (I just did my journaling, instead of leaving a blank space...), doodling, and various art mediums such as misting, paste etc. ...  it was at this week that my journey in the quest for Swirlydoos UDC came to a close... I was voted off!  Very disappointiing to be sure, but not my last shot at finding a design team to work with!
I know this was a really long post, but I just wanted to share my journey with
Swirlydoos with you!
I hope you enjoyed my projects!

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